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Be Polite | Level Up with Dan Chiodo | January 2023, Episode 69 | Kristi Spencer

What a great interview with Kristi Spencer, founder of The Polite Company. This Level Up Video Podcast is entitled “Be Polite”. How do you stack up in this important area of performance? Listen in and Level Up as Dan interviews some of the best and brightest entrepreneurial minds!

Whether you are a solopreneur, a young professional, a seasoned professional in a small company, or a larger one—you will learn so much as you listen to people who have experiences that can help you think about what you do and how you might do it better.

As you listen to some of our guests, you may know someone who has a story to tell. Maybe it’s you! Join us for the next podcast and listen to our impressive library of guest speakers from all walks of life.


Show Notes

I.  The Polite company:  Be Polite
     A.  Formal vs. Informal
          1.  People are less formal today
          2.  When you are formal, it's easier to stand out.  Examples...
                a.  Send a Thank You note
                b.  Hold a door
                c.  Compliment someone
         3.  How you decide to impact other people can make you seem more successful
II.  Incivility
     A.  Affects an organization, not just a person
           1.    Need a culture of respect
     B.  You need a buddy who will tell you like it is
           1.  Let you know when your behavior was uncivil instead of polite
     C.  Biggest mistakes
           1.  Phones
                a.  Overuse of cell phone
                b.  Talking too loudly on any phone 
           2.  Talking 
                a.  Gossip
                b.  Bad language
                c.  Too loudly in general
                d.  Not knowing your audience
      D.  When you make a mistake
            1.  Admit it
            2.  Apologize
            3.  Move on quickly
                  a.  Don't dwell on it 
II.  Etiquette
     A.  Know enough of the "rules" so you are comfortable focussing your attention on the person or event
     B.  Empathy
           1.  Consideration, respect, honesty
           2.  I can see your point of view, even if I don't necessarily agree with it
           3.  Look outside yourself
     C.  Choose to believe the good in others, not for them but for you


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